Hide and Seek

I’ll wait for you, if you want.
But don’t come back until I
tell you to. Ready or not,
I won’t play. I’m not looking.

But what should I look for? Hope?
A melody? Something real?
Or a scene from a movie?
Something in shades of black and
white? I don’t need that. I have

her. And she laughs and makes love,
or something along those lines
And she uses words better
than you ever did. She sings
an autotuned machine song
She sings like mathematics
I enjoy the hum it makes

And her hair is blonde. Yours, brown
I’ve changed my mind. I like blonde
hair better now. It’s more
natural. So hear me out
Don’t come back, unless you need
Something. Or if you forgot
Something, or if you wanted
Something. Ready or not. I
Won’t play…unless you want to

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