Today’s Album Teaser: Creature from Dell Pond, Dirty Deli

There are whispers across Massachusetts, that in the sleepy southeastern college town of Dartmouth, there is a pond. And in that pond, there’s something lurking. Something unexplainable.

But it’s not just a legend. I’ve seen it. It exists. I’ve come face to face with the monster; breathing it’s warm breath into my face, making my ear drums throb, tearing apart furniture and blowing out windows and spilling beer. I’ve seen the Creature from Dell Pond.

And I’ll tell you this. It rocks.

A few days ago, I received a transmission from Nolan Sullivan, guitarist/singer/speaker of the band Creature from Dell Pond; a frenetic, eight-and-a-half minute promo for their new album “Dirty Deli.”

Distorted whispering phrases, hush-sung over swampy, dripping-with-fuzz power chords. Frantic cymbal/snare drum beats, anemic guitar frills. It’s organic rock, something you can feel pounding in your lungs and scratching at your legs. It’s vintage Creature. “Dirty Deli” is set to come out on July 14th. You can pre-order here.

I first saw the three-piece Creature from Dell Pond crammed into the corner of a small dorm living room, surrounded by hundreds (not an exaggeration) of people. This is living proof of that night. If you turn the music up very loud, and put your eyes very close to the screen, and look very, very hard, you might be able to catch the Creature.

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