A Dylan-Esque Folk-ish Song about Being turned into a Wolf: Blitzen Trapper, Furr

I first remember listening to this song at a time when I was becoming hopelessly obsessed with searching for a modern fix of music that sounded like a certain period of Dylan; a period somewhere in between Freewheelin” and Blonde on Blonde (but of course, not too Blonde). It was then that I came across this catchy little song, Furr, by a band I had never heard of. At that moment, I thought I’d found the holy grail of “indie-folk guys who wear a harp around their neck and sing like Dylan.” Blitzen Trapper, a five-piece filled with bearded mountain men-looking guys fronted by a harmonica wielding Dylan look-alike out of Portland was the grail.

If you were to listen to Furr, like I did, and then listen to rest of Blitzen Trapper’s album, Furr, like I did, you would be a bit confused, just like I was. Here is this track, folky finger-picked guitar over a steady kick /tambourine that sounds nostalgic without being too reminiscent (as so much modern folk falls into the trap of being) that I thought may solve all of my searching. Finally. These guys, the ones singing songs about growing fur and living in the woods for four years were here to fix the inadequate number and quality of true folk bands in the modern music sphere. Yet, when listening to the rest of the album, I wasn’t so sure. This stuff didn’t sound anything like that.

As much as I compare modern artists to Dylan, I feel that it’s sort of in vain. If someone came out today who truly sounded like Dylan, I’m not sure how the reception would be. It might not be great. There really isn’t any room to compare an artist to Dylan or really to anyone of that musical stature. This is exactly the reason why I decided that I loved the rest of Furr. They get close enough to nostalgia to the point of where they just barely brush it, and then back off completely, creating their own unique sound and structure. That’s how an album should be made. It shouldn’t be written in an effort to sound like anything else. That’s just silly.       

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