Consecutive-Rainy-Days Song, The Middle East, Blood

I always seem to come back to the idea that good or effective songs will illicit or attempt to recreate some type of human emotion, whenever I talk about music as a whole. I’m not really sure where this idea came from but I can’t help but believe it to be true.

A few nights ago, I was driving home from somewhere–I have no idea where I was, but that’s not important–and this song pops into my head. So I start humming it, trying to figure out if it was a song somebody had showed me at one point in my life, or one that I had heard at a bar, or one that my mind had just made up on its own. I hummed that song–not exactly a song, just a few lines of some melody–the whole drive home.

I want to make it clear that I have no idea where I had ever heard the song Blood by The Middle East. But somehow I managed to discover that the bittersweet, nostalgic melody that was so mercilessly ringing inside my head was just that song.

Back to the portraying of emotions thing, I’d like to change my mind. Though great music represents or depicts a personal emotional feeling, the best and most effective songs are those who’s forces render an emotion that is indescribable to the listener; one that can only be personally felt through memory or present. Give this song a listen, and at right around the three-and-a-half minute mark, let me know what you think. See if that emotion is describable. I’m willing to bet it’s not.

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  1. Really like this song. Planning to write a post about it for my song of the week blog, but haven’t found very much information about it yet. It’s used for the trailer for Jeff Who Lives At Home: Nice litle movie, but it’s not on the soundtrack to the movie. I heard the song before that through a friend. I can’t describe it, but they`re definitely on to something here. Anyway, we don’t need to describe emotions, that’s what music’s for. 🙂

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