Monday Wake Up (Late, of course): Vampire Weekend, Step

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up at right around the time you’re supposed to be at work, panic stricken, confused, not sure whether it can be blamed on a faulty iPhone alarm or a dead-asleep shut off? That happened to me this morning. I blame Vampire Weekend’s new single. I was singing it so loud in my dreams that I must not have heard my alarm.

“My girl was entombed within boombox and Walkman, I was a hoarder, but girl, that was back then”

That line must have been ringing in my head all night. The harpsichord-run, Pachelbel’s Canon-esque melody line and drowsy, head bobbing snare/kick-drum beat is about as catchy as a song can get.

As with most of his lyrics, Ezra Koenig’s lines in this song don’t centralize on a concrete topic and are, quite frankly rather abstract in terms of meaning. The lyrics, especially in this song, serve as just consummations of themes that run rampant throughout the album as a whole–dying young, the music industry, growing old but-not-too-old. And this isn’t to take anything away from the lyrics in this song, where Koenig tiptoes along a melody as catchy and infectious as anything you hear on the radio, with lines that sound something like you’d hear from Elliot if he were to live in modern day Brooklyn all alone in a little studio apartment. Though the meaning of the words are important (That’s a silly thing to say. Of course they are) it’s more the sound of the words that get stuck in the head.

“And punks they would laugh when they saw us together, but they didn’t know how to dress for the weather”

However you dress for the weather today, make sure you’ve got this one coming through the earbuds on repeat. And turn it up loud.

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