Friday’s song that is guaranteed to make you jam out just a little bit when the chorus comes in: Dr. Dog, Shadow People

“The rain is fallin’, it’s after dark, the streets are swimmin’ with the sharks…”

Huh? I’m not sure I can decipher those lyrics, but I know one thing. It sounds about right for today. Who are these Shadow People? I want to know.

Dr. Dog is part of this relatively new crop of “indie” bands who attempt to go the “lo-fi” route in terms of crafting their music, but tend to take “hi-fi,” roads in getting there. Not to say that the music sounds “lo-fi” per se, but you get the feeling that its made to be listened to in an almost “faux lo-fi” manner a-la The Strokes Is this It. Not that these guys are faking anything in any manner. What stuck out to me in this recording when I first heard it was its rawness. Through even my blown laptop speakers, I could pick out every instrument, each belting and rolling out its own little unique vocalizations. Singer Scott McMicken sings: “In some backyard, in some plastic chair, just hoping these cigarettes will save us” in his far-from-auto-tuned trill. Listening to these guys gives you the feeling that you’re actually listening to music rather than a cacophony of computer codes and tracks mixed together to form something that is related to music. If that piano-boogie second verse and chorus doesn’t make you jam out just a little bit, I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t think anything will.

But back to that Shadow People question… I wanna know where the shadow people go. Be prepared to have that question stuck in your head for a few days after hearing this jam. But don’t think that it’s a bad thing,

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