What I listened to in the car today

I’m a sucker for these weird little live jams on weird electric instruments played by two weird Australian guys. This is one of those instances where the live specimen is so different than the studio version that you almost feel like your cheating on it in some weird way. Regardless, listen to both versions.

I’m not generally a fan of inherent “psychedelic” music. I’ll make an exception for this one though, because if Jefferson Airplane is psychedelic rock, this is like two tabs of acid and a six-pack of craft beer rock.  The McCartney-esque bassline in the studio version is killer and groovy (yeah, I said it) and the weird reverby vocals and guitars would be home at any hippy-fest or beach party alike. It’s got that strange quality that some songs have that makes you feel like you’re in a different state, if you know what I mean. Put the bass on 11 and roll those windows down. It’s only May once a year.

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