There are whispers across Massachusetts, that in the sleepy southeastern college town of Dartmouth, there is a pond. And in that pond, there’s something lurking. Something unexplainable. But it’s not just a legend. I’ve seen it. It exists. I’ve come face to face with the monster; breathing it’s warm breath into my face, making my […]


I’ve got a problem with Sufjan. But I probably won’t talk about that here. Sufjan, Indie-folk’s forever-young, sometimes confusing, always whispering, poet, released his album Carrie and Lowell a few days ago. Here are some words I’ve seen used across the interweb to describe it: Stripped, magnificent, bare, wallowing, quietly moving, near-perfect, etc… I’ll say […]

It can’t be easy for Conor Oberst to continue writing the same level music that’s made him “the modern day Dylan” for the past 15 years. After playing under the Bright Eyes moniker for so long, Oberst seems to, with each “solo” effort, attempt to shed one or two of those early Bright Eyes shells. […]

I didn’t quite know what to think when I first saw the Felice Brothers. I thought it was a joke. It was cold, snowing I think, outside of Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence a few years back. Well, it was more than a few years. We were in high school, a few of my friends […]

(The whole album can be bought or streamed here) Last month, Plymouth-based singer-songwriters Jake Hill and Hayley Sabella unveiled their new project to the world on a snowy night at The Spire, a church that’s recently been turned into a performing arts center. They call themselves “Billington Sea.” I was fairly familiar with Hill’s music […]

First off, here’s what I don’t really understand about “First Aid Kit.” Everything I read refers to them as “Swedish Folk Group First Aid Kit.”  But I listen to them speak and sing and they don’t sound Swedish. They don’t sound Swedish at all. The two sisters who make up the band, Klara and Joanna Söderberg, […]

Blake Mills is the most inconspicuous “guitar virtuoso” you’ll ever hear. There’s a certain recipe that must be followed in order to find, in order to experience, a great album. It goes something like this: Part 1: Listen to the album a whole bunch. Part 2: Listen to it some more. In the car, at […]

You always hear Dylan-ites and critics, scholars and aficionados, talk about Bobby’s grit in his performances, his uncaring and indifferent snarl. As timeless as the songs pre-Blonde on Blonde are, there’s some sense of distance to them, some temporal span between Dylan’s lyrics and Dylan the singer. I’ve always felt this. In the Scorsese documentary No […]

  Jack Johnson is a walking, singing, slap-strumming paradox. I wanted to dislike Jack Johnson when I first heard him. I wanted to so bad. But the guy playing that groovy little guitar jam singing about “sittin’ wishin’ and waitin’” made it difficult for me to do so. I wanted to say his songs were […]

I first remember listening to this song at a time when I was becoming hopelessly obsessed with searching for a modern fix of music that sounded like a certain period of Dylan; a period somewhere in between Freewheelin” and Blonde on Blonde (but of course, not too Blonde). It was then that I came across this catchy little […]